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Main Links

Below are links I've gathered over the years that I believe are interesting, useful, mind-blowing, or just fun. If you have any links you'd like to suggest as additions to this list, please send me an e-mail.

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[ Folklore/Mythology/Jewitchery/Miscellaneous Religion ]
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Strange and Free Speechifying
Aural Sects
Gaia's Voice
Heather Alexander
Dr. John
Gabrielle Roth
Moxy Fruvous
Tori Amos
Avalon Rising
Ofra Haza
Mickey Hart
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Wiccan / Pagan*  
Folklore / Mythology / Jewitchery / Miscellaneous Religion

The Witches Voice
Covenant Of The Goddess
The Working Witch
Ancient Ways, a metaphysical store
Esoterica - The Journal of Esoteric Studies
Rainewalker Studio: Masks of the Goddess
Omphalos - a Pagan search engine
Ninshibar! Shibori on silk
PODSnet Book of Shadows (BBS texts)
Athos Book of Shadows (BBS texts)
Drawing Down The Moon - a movie
The Virtual Pomegranate

*Click here for various deity links

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Online Comic Strips  
Web Programming & Design
Kevin & Kell
Sluggy Freelance

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