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For folks who identify as Jewitches. An environment to collect stories, practices, rituals, philosophies, compromises, discussions. A gathering place for the lot of us. Let's stir the pot and see what emerges on the other end. Introduce yourself!

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NROOGD Announcements

Announcements of NROOGD sabbats, calls for submission to the Witches Trine, calls for healing. Also classifieds: housing available/wanted, jobs available/wanted, stuff for sale/up for grabs/wanted - you get the idea.

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NROOGD Open discussion

An opportunity for non-initiates of the NROOGD tradition to share practices, rituals, philosophies, compromises, and discussions with themselves and with the initiates and founders of the tradition. Get involved!

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There are also two private lists, one for Elders and the other for Initiates. If you are a NROOGD initiate, are not presently on either the NROOGD Elders or NROOGD Initiates list and want to be, send me an e-mail.

Please include initiator, cord and coven if applicable.

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