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guilt is false gold

by Melissa Oringer
(c) Melissa Oringer, 1994-2000, All rights reserved

She's alone because she wants to be
Has always wanted to be
Has spent her life achieving the perfect state
Of aloneness among others.
She lives within invisible walls
Her haven, her fortress, her place of isolation,
And solitude.
Her prison.

Time spent in safety, healing, growing, changing.
Yet the walls remain.
She feels but has no words, the walls speak for her
And she weeps in frustration.

She ventures beyond the safety, beyond the stone.
Only to flee in fear when she fails to understand
What she means, what she says, what she does.
Flees back to the stone, the safety, it she understands.

She yearns and dreams and wishes.
Wishes for companionship within the enclosure
Dreams of others who clearly hear what she says through the muffling stone.
Yearns to share the space within, but there's only room for her
And the walls are thick.

The time has come to leave once again
She knows that the walls must go,
Must be dismantled dissolved.
The stale air freed and the wishes spent.

She takes the leap and stands alone, revealed.
And bare she knows she holds a haven within
An internal place of solitude without the distortion
A place of peace without the barriers, the bars.

And she starts to explore.

(c) Melissa Oringer, 1994-2000, All rights reserved

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