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Well, let me tell you a story.

One day, not very long after I joined Gaia's Voice, a group of us sang at a ritual.  We were in a fine mood, and hungry, and we went to a local Lyon's for some food.  I was pretty new to the community, and still basking in the warm feeling of acceptance and fun.

As we walked through the parking lot to the restaurant, I saw an old, battered, brown leather hat dangling from a bush.  It was fiercely illuminated by an overhead fluorescent.  Intrigued, I approached the hat.  As I reached for it, my friend and future High Priestess called out, "Melissa, NO!".  Grasping the hat to my chest, I turned toward her inquiringly.  She had a woebegone look on her face.  "Too late," she said.  "That's Coyote's hat."

And we've been together ever since.  He makes me laugh, cry, scream, and sigh with exasperation.  My cat loves him, and he promises me that he'd never even consider taking a taste.

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