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I met Durga several years ago. My coven brother was very interested in Ganesh and my then housemate had an excellent book that collected many Hindu stories and myths together. I was researching Ganesha when I ran across Durga's story and one of her pictures.

I was struck because she was depicted riding a lion; having been rather involved with Bast at this point, I starting looking up more Durga stories (for details on Durga and some of her myths, see the links below).

I found some lovely pictures at a local Indian art store and subsequently, Durga simmered quietly in the background while I pursued other things and danced with other gods.

Recently, I started learning the art of Capoeira at Capoeira of San Jose, an extremely demanding art. It's also lovely - entwined with music, dance, community and the culture of Brasil. I've been sedentary for the past few years and have a tricky back, which keeps going out as I try and advance in my training. It's been a damn frustrating experience - I go to a class, my back goes out. I manage to recover enough to go to another class, and my shoulder and neck twang.

While I've been doing what I can mundanely (doctor, PT, and a visit to a chiropractor in my future), I've also been working with my gods to try and negotiate my way to fitness without damage to my body. Coyote and Bast have played their part, and Durga has risen quite ably to the occasion.

Specifically, she is the slayer of demons - the ravages of our ego. She is the quintessential woman. Lovely, contained, balanced, deadly. She is the divine Shakti, containing within her the rage and death of Kali, the learning of Saraswati and the grace of Laxmi. It is with her help that I walk in balance and force as I progress in my training of Capoeira.

Grant us your form, Grant us victory,
Grant us welfare, remove all hostility.

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