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by Melissa Oringer
(c) Melissa Oringer, 1998-2000, All rights reserved

Hard choices, where neither direction is good, where compromise is the only apparent solution. Where the options that would make a clear difference would require high personal risk and great change. Most of us don't do that. Most of us aren't saviors or leaders or risk-takers in that way. So it rips us up a little bit each day, and we either bury the grief or displace it into anger, towards ourselves or towards the trigger that made the choice a requirement. What does it take to venture through the tears, to step through the veil, the curtain, and realize that it's much easier and more refreshing than we could ever imagine? What would trigger such a step?

Parched, cracking, our pores cry out for the nourishment of the tears, the impenetrable wall that is really a veil. We finally breathe out into it and the spring flows forth.

(c) Melissa Oringer, 1998-2000, All rights reserved

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