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by Melissa Oringer
(c) Melissa Oringer, 1995-2000, All rights reserved

She wanders amidst the fern and the frond, plucking here, fluffing there, turning and twisting everything just so, moving that and this... after all, they're coming to visit tonight.

A clearing, finally.  She calls up the grass and decides that she really wants ivy instead, that changes her mind again and calls back the grass.  Much more comfortable, really.  Daffodils, there, yes, and perhaps a nice batch of clover for the young ones to sort through?  Good, put it in the shade, except who wants to sit so near a pond when you can have a creek?

Busy, busy, she moves and plans and decorates... wouldn't want to disappoint!

Now, if only she could finalize that deal with Apollo... she really would like to have some sunshine for her guests, although sometimes mud serves its purpose.  After one last look around, she calls forth a sprinkling of heather and a few dandelions for the butter lovers and nods.  Yes, that will do.  Now to chat with Apollo.. maybe for a nice big batch of corn...

(c) Melissa Oringer, 1995-2000, All rights reserved

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