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My Wicca
by Melissa Oringer
(c) Melissa Oringer, 1999-2000, All rights reserved

If you take types of energy that are like, remembering that they aren't really separated by anything more than our conceptions, then they are something greater when considered together. From there we get elementals, primordial deities, the gods, and more.

There are different levels: the primordial forces - life, fertility, rain, music, earthquake, thunder, sun, the hunt, death, - these are rooted deep and exist with or without our presence or conception. Then there are energies that are purely sentient - civilization, love, craftmanship, agriculture, war, marriage, the arts - if there were no sentient life to give these energies organization they would remain unrealized.

The most basic of divisions and common among us all are the genders - female, male. That's why pretty much every system of correspondences devolves to gender.

The Wiccan paradox is this: There is a single force, that which is the common thing in ALL energy, so beyond infinite that it is inconceivable and to describe or box it in any way must diminish the meaning.

In order to work with that energy, we acknowledge and honor that force (like the Ain Soph for those familiar with the Jewish Kabbalah) and turn to Goddess and God. Neither are less than the source - they are not puzzle pieces that form it - they are complete.

From there emanate the myriad gods, goddesses, elementals, deities, spirits, and the like. Again, both part of and individual, complete and connected.

Finally, there is the life around us - ourselves, and our world.

Make sense?


(c) Melissa Oringer, 1999-2000, All rights reserved

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